About Us

Our Heritage, Mission, & Story

Welcome to Cafe Antigua, where our story is steeped in heritage, guided by a steadfast mission, and enriched by the vibrant community we serve. As a distinguished coffee haven and breakfast destination nestled in Lancaster, California, we invite you to embark on a journey of flavors, tradition, and connection.


Our Heritage: A Legacy of Excellence

At Cafe Antigua, our heritage is rooted in the rich coffee culture of Guatemala. From the heart of the renowned Antigua region, we source our premium coffee beans, capturing the essence of volcanic soils and high altitudes. These beans, carefully selected and roasted to perfection, pay homage to centuries-old traditions that have defined Guatemalan coffee as some of the finest in the world.

Our founder's background in restaurant dining adds another layer of excellence to our heritage. With a passion for creating unforgettable dining experiences, our founder's expertise infuses every aspect of Cafe Antigua, from the menu's delectable offerings to the warm and inviting atmosphere.

Our Mission: Elevating Moments, Nurturing Connections

Our mission at Cafe Antigua is to create more than just a coffee shop; we're here to elevate your everyday moments and foster genuine connections. We believe that a cup of coffee has the power to turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary experience. It's more than just a beverage; it's a catalyst for inspiration, camaraderie, and relaxation.

Through every sip and bite, we aim to nurture connections – whether it's a quiet moment of self-care with a perfectly brewed latte or a lively gathering of friends enjoying our catering delights. We're dedicated to enriching the lives of our community, one cup and one meal at a time.

Our People: Heart and Soul of Cafe Antigua

Our people are the heart and soul of Cafe Antigua. From our skilled baristas who craft each coffee with precision and passion to our culinary experts who create mouthwatering pastries and sandwiches, every member of our team is an integral part of the Cafe Antigua experience.

But our people go beyond the walls of our establishment. They extend to the community we've built around us – a diverse tapestry of individuals who share a common love for exceptional coffee, delicious food, and genuine connection. Our customers aren't just patrons; they're part of our extended family, and we take immense pride in being a place where they can unwind, converse, and create lasting memories.


A Welcoming Atmosphere: Your Second Home

Step into Cafe Antigua, and you'll find more than just a coffee shop – you'll discover a second home. Our elegant yet approachable ambiance invites you to relax, engage in conversation, or find a quiet corner to immerse yourself in a book. Whether you're seeking a quick pick-me-up on a busy morning or a leisurely afternoon spent savoring the flavors of our coffee and food, our space is yours to enjoy.

Community and Giving Back

Community is at the heart of Cafe Antigua, and giving back is a cornerstone of our ethos. We believe that a successful business has a responsibility to uplift the community it serves. Through various initiatives, we support local organizations, contribute to charitable causes, and work to make a positive impact on the lives of those around us.

Join Us on This Journey

Cafe Antigua is more than just a cafe – it's a celebration of heritage, a fulfillment of a mission, and a testament to the power of people coming together over shared passions. We invite you to be part of our story, to savor the rich flavors of our Antigua coffee, to indulge in our delectable offerings, and to experience the warmth of genuine connections. From our heritage to our mission, and from our people to our community, every aspect of Cafe Antigua is designed with you in mind. We can't wait to welcome you into our home away from home.

Thank you for being part of our journey,

The Cafe Antigua Family